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More play for your kids playground is available from our diy playground parts page our residential playground swing accessories page and our outdoor playground toy pages.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Good looking, strong, longer lasting hardware connection options for kids playgrounds

Great for coastal or commercial environments.

10 mm Carabiner

NO safeguard, only use where children can not easily access or tamper with it.

10 mm  Karabiner
10mm Carabiner $3.50

H Shackle

Tamper Proof H Shackles, requires specialised Allen Key.

Ideal to use for playground equipment requiring extra security. Used to attach Swing Chains to our Commercial Playground Tyre and any other accessories that require a shackle with a wide opening.

Inside width = 22 mm M10 Bolts.

H Shackle  specialised Allen Key.
H Shackle key $2.00
H Shackle $3.95
Stainless Steel 'S' Hook
8mm Stainless Steel 'S' Hook $3.00
Stainless Steel Dee Shackle 6mm
6mm Stainless Steel Dee Shackle $3.60
8mm Stainless Shackle Slot Pin $4.70
Stainless Dee Shackle Slot Pin Stainless Steel D Shackle
8mm Stainless Dee Shackle $4.60
Stainless Carabiner with lock
8mm Stainless Carabiner with lock Nut$ 5.90
12 mm x140 mm Stainless Steel Carabiner $18.00
12 mm x140 mm Stainless Steel Carabiner
Stainless Pully 50mm $25.00
50mm Stainless Steel Swivel Pulley 12mm Swivle
Stainless Steel Swivel
10mm $14.00
13mm $18.00

Malleable steel pulley
Pulley $10.00

Malleable steel pulley

Zinc plated max rope dia. 10 mm

Handy for using to haul the kids lunch up to them when they are busy in the tree house

Eye Bolts

Shaft Diameter:12 m

Welded Eye with 25mm inside Diameter

185mmlong Eye Bolt,shaft length: 135mm

315mmlong Eye Bolt, shaft length: 255mm

Eye Bolts
185 mm x 12mm $5.00
315 mm x 12mm $7.00
Cold Close Chain Link
Cold Close Link $2.50

Cold Close Chain Link

Need longer chain? Cold close chain links can be used instead of Dee Shackles, when you need a discreet, permanent connection.

Quick Link

Quick Links

Used to attach chains to Swing Hangers and easily adjust Swing Seat and Trapeze Bar heights. Lock nut for added safety when used within children’s reach.

6mm Quick Link $1.60
7mm Quick Link $1.75
8mm Quick Link $1.85

Playground Equipment Hardware

Specialised fittings to help you quickly and easily install your playground swing set accessories, and essential outdoor playground equipment components, for maintaining and building commercial and backyard playground structures and swing sets.

Lag screw
Wood Thread Eye Bolts $3.00

12mm Wood Thread Eye Bolts

Ideal to use when installing Climbing Ropes and Ladders, Scramble Nets, Gym/Trapeze Rings etc.

Installation: Drill pilot holes with a 5 or 6 mm bit. (NB: do not fasten into the end grain of timber.)


Eye Nut

These are a great way to attach Climbing Nets, Rope Ladders and Delta Rings to your Playground Equipment.

M8 or M10 Thread

Eye Nuts
M8 $2.00
#top Eye Nut Oval Snap Karabiner

Oval Snap Carabiner

Wide clip opening, with snap close! Only use where children cannot easily access, at or near the top of swing accessory chains for example.

8mm Oval Carabiner $3.00
 Karabiner with lock nut, 8 mm

Carabiner with lock nut, 8 mm

Carabiners allow Swing Accessories to be easily attached and removed from playground structures. The lock nut provides a safeguard to prevent children's hands from injury, should they attempt to tamper with it.

8mm Carabiner $2.50

‘S’ Hook

‘S’ Hooks are used to fix chain sets to Swing Seats. They are closed up to form an ‘8’ for a safe, permanent connection that is tamper proof

Wire diameter 7 and 8 mm

‘S’ Hook
7 x 70mm $1.20
8 x 100 $1.70

Dee Shackle

Dee Shackles are perfect for a strong connection between Swing Chains and Swing Hangers. Quick and easy to install.

Dee Shackle
8mm $1.60

All of our prices are current and include GST.

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#top Dee Shackle ‘S’ Hook ‘S’ Hook and chain Dee Shackle and Chain