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Larger than life playground toys to set the theme for your kids outdoor play area.

To stimulate young imaginations and encourage role playing, create different themes by rotating the toys. It will only take you 15 to 20 minutes, then your kids will play independently for hours longer! By providing different themes, children will learn and discover new ways to play with their old toys that they may not have thought about before!

friendly dinosaur #top Outdoor Playground Toy Telephone

Playground Toy Telephone

Fun, cordless toy Telephone with buttons that ring when pressed. The wall cradle can be mounted inside any Playhouse or on Backyard Play Equipment to stimulate imaginative play! Fastenings included.

Periscope for playground equipment

Toy Periscope With Handles

See it all without being seen.… over the waves and far away! This double handled playground toy Periscope is the perfect toy for all backyard submarine adventures!

The bracket can be screwed on vertically or horizontally, and the periscope swivels' in all directions

Tough plastic casing with two plastic mirrors inside

Length = 290 mm

Outdoor Playground Toy Large Binoculars

Large Outdoor Toy  Binoculars

View all the action from the lookout post with these over-sized outdoor playground Binoculars...the kids will be kept entertained for hours!

Binoculars come with mounting bracket and screws.

Lenses are clear and non-magnifying for eye safety.

Length = 295 mm Width = 265 mm

Playground Toy Telescope

Toy Telescope

Transform your children's Play Fort into a watchtower, or explore the universe with these playground toy telescopes. Simple to attach with your choice of the two included mounting brackets and screws. Hard wearing plastic casing with clear plastic, non-magnifying lenses to keep eyes safe.

Length: 300 mm

Outdoor Toy Steering Wheel

Top quality outdoor playground toy Steering Wheels are made from high density solid polyethylene and are easily attached to your backyard play equipment with all mountings and hardware included.

Outside diameter: 285 mm.

Outdoor Playground Steering Wheel

Outdoor Playground Toy Bundle 1

This Bargain Buy includes:

Racing Steering Wheel, Periscope, Telescope and Telephone

Plus all mountings and fastenings for easy attachment to your play structure.

NB: colour shades may vary between toys.

Outdoor Playground Toy Bundle

Outdoor Playground Toy Bundle 2

What’s included

Telephone, Periscope With Handles, Binoculars and Racing Steering Wheel

NB: Colour shades may vary between toys

Outdoor Toy Steering Wheel $20.00
Green Blue
Large Binoculars $19.00
Green Blue
Kids toy binoculars

Outdoor Toy Binoculars

These binoculars are not as extremely oversized as the large binoculars, making them easy to hold…perfect for smaller hands!

Durable outdoor plastic toy, comes ready to bolt onto your kids fort or play set with supplied hardware. Kids will have a great view on their next adventure!

Length = 205 mm Width = 170 mm

Outdoor Toy Binoculars $25.00
Green Blue

Toy Periscope With Handles
Green Blue

Playground Toy Telephone $10.00
Green Blue

Toy Telescope $10.00
Green Blue

Toy Bundle {1} $49.00
Mix of Colours
All Green Toys

Toy Bundle {2} $65.00
Mix of Colours
All Green Toys

#top Outdoor Playground Toy Periscope

Playground Toy Periscope

Explore around corners and over walls with this fun and colourful mirror based Periscope, essential Playground Equipment for every hide and seek or commando game! Comes with mounting bracket but can be easily removed for games that extend beyond the playground!

Tough plastic casing with two plastic mirrors inside.

Length = 400 mm.

Playground Toy Periscope $16.00
Green Blue

Children's Outdoor Playground Toys

Outdoor Playground Toy Ships Wheel
49cm Ships Wheel $27.00

Large 53cm Ships Wheel

Young Pirate on the high seas or Skipper at the wheel of a Super Yacht? This large outdoor toy Ship's Wheel spins freely and is the perfect addition to your children's Play Equipment to create an awesome nautical theme  Made from heavy duty plastic with ‘wood grain’ finish and centre anchor motif. Easy to attach with fastenings included.

Outside diameter = 530 mm

Large 53cm Ships Wheel $33.00
Green Blue

49cm Ships Wheel

This smaller Ship's Wheel also spins freely on centre hub and would suit the slightly smaller ‘vessel’ or play area! Robust plastic construction with ‘wood grain' finish and anchor motif on centre cover. Easy to attach with fastenings included.

Outside Diameter: 490 mm.

Toy Ships Wheel

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