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6mm General Purpose Chain.$6.00 per metre

Hot dipped galvanised Standard Link chain (commonly sold in hardware stores)

General Purpose / Standard link chain is very prone to pinching / scratching little fingers and should not be used with Swing Seats without a protective cover.

Brown Swing Seat Rope Set

Brown Rope Set

Swing seat rope for swing beam heights up to 2.4 metres high.

Quick Links included to attach to Swing Hangers.

This rope set is best suited to infant and toddler swing seats.

Green Rope Set

12 mm Rope, installation and height adjustment of swing accessories made easy.

For up to  2100 mm max. swing beam height

Quick Links included to connect to swing hangers and carabiners to attach seat.


Swing Seat Rope Set

Swing Seat Rope Sets

Rope Sets are adjustable to suit different swing beam heights, and include hardware to attach to your swing hangers.

Swing Seat Chain Sets Include:

With the exception of the Public Use or Stainless Steel chain sets, Carabiners with lock nuts may be supplied instead of `S` Hooks where swing seats are not purchased at the same time, or If requested, for easy seat removal.

To establish your swing beam height Measure from the ground to the underside of your swing beam.


Dare 2 Play hot dipped galvanised chain manufactured for swing seats

#topSmooth Link™ Chain Sets

Smooth Link™ Galvanised Powder Coated Chain Sets 6 mm

Not only do the colours look good, they’re nice and smooth and very comfortable to hold on to!

Stainless Steel Swing Seat Chain Sets

6 mm stainless steel chain with stainless steel Dee Shackles and `S` Hooks

Very nice to grip with sparkle and shine, it looks fabulous! The chain links have a very small gap (less than 8.6 mm in any direction) to prevent children's fingers from getting pinched,

Suitable for commercial and residential swing seats.

Smooth Link Public use Chain

Public use Chain Sets

Comfortable to grip and safe, hot dipped 6 mm galvanised chain. The chain links have a very small gap to prevent children's fingers from getting pinched (less than 8.6 mm in any direction) and the galvanising is smoothed off to prevent hands from getting cut or scratched.

For commercial and residential playground swing seats.

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Smooth Link™ Galvanised Playground Chain Sets

Pinch free hot dipped galvanised chain, specifically manufactured and sized for playground equipment to minimize the risk of finger entrapment while still providing multiple hardware options for connection and/or adjustment….

This is the best chain available for swing seat chain sets, it is nicely rounded, welded and smoothed off after galvanising for grip, comfort and safety.

Smooth Link Galvanised Playground Chain Sets Stainless Steel Public use Chain
6mm Smooth Link Powder Coated Chain Set
Swing Beam Height
Green Blue Red
Qty: Pair 
Public use Stainless Steel Chain Set
Swing Beam Height:
Qty: Pair 
Public use Chain Sets
Swing Beam Height:
Qty: Pair 
6mm Galvanised Chain
Brown Rope Set $28.00
Green Rope Set $29.00
Rope Set Length:
6mm Smooth Link Chain Set
Swing Beam Height:
Qty: Pair  

Galvanised Chain Manufactured And Sized For Playground Equipment

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