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DIY Playground Monkey Bars Plans

Heaps of fun by design... because they are unique to you!

You get a Monkey Ladder, Climb Over Ladder and even an optional Swing Set for the spatially challenged backyard playground area!

Customize it to suit your kids. Make it longer if you have the room; or lower for younger players etc.

WE RECOMMEND: following our design with regard to giving children the ability to access the monkey ladder from the platform and also to be able to swing onto the platform from the monkey ladder (photo right).

  DIY Parts Used


Minimum Tools Required:

Circular Saw (Note: A Mitre or Compound Mitre saw is best for cutting timber on an angle.) If you don’t have access to a saw, most good Timber Merchants will cut timber to your requirements upon request.

Power Drill / Square-Drive Screwdriver bit with 10, 5 and 3mm drill bits

Tape Measure and marker.

Sockets: 10 and 16mm or (7/16 and 5/8 inch)

Timber required: Up to 15 metres of timber is required to build your Monkey Bars, The set shown here has been built using 1000 x 100 (Finished size 90 x 90) No.1 Gauged and H5 Treated. Different grades or profiles of timber or combinations of timber can be used.

NB: Swing Beams are put under a lot more stress and strain than Monkey Bars, they need to be stronger and as knot free as possible (see last page for details)

Types of wood treatments to resist rot and wood-boring insects:

H3.2:  For wood exposed to the weather and not in contact with the ground

H4: For wood exposed to the weather and in contact with the ground. Non structural use

H5: For wood in the ground and in high risk load-bearing applications. *Recommended*


Prices of timber vary, so it pays to shop around! Select your own timber and evaluate the general appearance, size, number of knots and straightness.

Most hardware stores and timber merchants sell pointed Garden Stakes/Tree Stakes, these are ideal to use as pegs to secure the ladder!


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