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Super Fun Wave Slide

Length = 3050 mm Outside width = 550 mm (flares to 570 mm at exit)

Inside width = 375 mm

Weight = 19 kg

Optimum Platform Height = 1.5 metres.

It comes out from a play structure approximately 2.6 metres

residential playground slide

Fantastic value outdoor playground slides! Manufactured in the USA by Superior Plastics™ for children between the ages of 2 and 13 years, Sturdy and wide enough for (most) adults to have a go too!

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green playground slide

Awesome playground slides for Kiwi backyard playgrounds. They have a flat platform area at the top, which allows kids to sit on the slide before they take off, should you want to attach it straight to a ladder or narrow edge of a retaining wall. This makes it easier and safer to play on and allows more installation options. They have high reinforced side walls that extend the full length of the slide, for safer entry and exit.

The Giant Super Fun Wave Slide is fast fun! Most under 3 year olds will need to be closely supervised using any of slides…but they’ll soon be expert sliders with the best of them!


To install your Outdoor Playground Slide onto your play structure platform simply place it onto its platform and screw it down. Read on.....

Playground Slide Installation Tips

plastic playground slide

Made from durable, UV resistant High Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE).

If you want a longer, stronger, wider, more robust slide than currently available elsewhere…look no further!

Super Fun Wave Slide
Super Fun Wave Slide
with minor cosmetic scuff or blemish
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