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Trying to stop children from climbing makes as much sense as trying to stop the tide, so build your Kids their own Monkey Bars and keep them out of trees and off the roof of the house!

Plans and diy parts to build monkey bars the kids can climb over safely or swing like little monkeys below!

Heaps of fun for the kids to play on while building upper body strength and coordination skills! Kids can not only swing and dangle from the rungs, but they can also climb up on top and have their own fun place to look down on the world. Kids love to climb up on top and have their turn at being the tallest…

The King or Queen of the castle!

For more fun in the smaller, or ‘spatially challenged’ backyard, add a Swing Seat and Trapeze Bar to your Monkey Bars and they become a Multi-Functional Play Structure!

Dare 2 Play DIY Monkey Bars

Free Monkey Bars PlansFree Monkey Bars Planskids diy monkey barskids diy monkey barsmonkey bar for kids fortCopyrightFree DIY Monkey Bar Plans