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Playground Climbing Equipment

Rope Ladder $33.00
Rope Ladder

Rope Ladder

More climbing fun! Rope Ladder made with 10 mm rope. Can be attached to your branch or beam by either way round. By the single ring, which allows more movement providing a challenging climbing activity, or up the other way by the two side ropes for a more stable climb.

Width = 300 mm Length = 2.4 metres

7 rungs spaced at 350 mm

Cargo Climbing Net 3 metre x 1.5 metre

This large rectangle cargo climbing net has 60 squares of fitness and fun!

Kids can burn up a lot of energy while enjoying the challenge of a cargo net.

It can be used in any direction, even up and over an A frame! The easiest way to install it is to use rope to lash the net onto your playground structure or prepared frame. It has 36 welded Polypropylene reinforced connection points, made with strong 10 mm rope.

Climbing Wall Holds

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Climbing Wall Holds 10 Pack

Plastic Climbing Wall Holds 10 Pack

Ten climbing holds: Seven different shapes in three colours, six medium size and four small.

A popular starter pack for your playground climbing wall.

Note: colour shades may vary

Pack of Ten Holds $40.00
3 Colours
All Green
All Yellow
All Blue
Climbing Wall Panel $8.00

Playground Climbing Wall Panels

With these plastic ‘rock textured’ panels, you

can build the best looking climbing wall.for your children. They can be affixed in any direction to create a challenging climb

Each panel is 300 x 300 mm and requires 10 screws to hold in place.

#top Cargo Climbing Net 1.5 metre x 1.5 metre Cargo Climbing Net 1.5metre x 1.5 metre

Cargo Climbing Net 1.5 metre x 1.5 metre

This smaller Climbing net has 36 squares of challenging fun and 24 Polypropylene welded connection points to lash onto your kids play fort or climbing frame.

Made with 12 mm rope.

Climbing Net 1.5 x 1.5 $95.00
Climbing Net 3 x 1.5 $138.00
Green Brown

Climbing Wall Holds

Your climbing wall holds can be fitted on different rotations for a variety of grip options.

The holds at the bottom of your wall can be rotated for foot / toe grip and the top ones to suit mostly hands.

A wide variety of moves and routes can be created and a lot of fun can be achieved with a little imagination.

As children get older or when rock climbing skills increase, you can remove a couple and rearrange them for a new climbing experience!

Made from strong and durable U.V. stabilized moulded plastic. Suitable for commercial and residential playground climbing walls. Fun for all Kiwi Kids!

Pack of Three Large Holds $16.00

Large Climbing Wall Holds

Sold in packs of three different shapes in Green only.

No experience required! These easy to grip, large climbing wall holds are particularly well suited to toddlers and young children's small hands and feet. They will also accommodate climbers with larger hands and feet too!

Large Climbing Wall Holds Composite Sand Climbing Wall Rock Composite Sand Climbing Wall Rocks
Pack of five Composite Holds $25.00
Green Blue

Composite Sand Climbing Wall Holds

Medium size textured climbing holds with no sharp edges, designed for kids age 4-13 years,

One bolt hole to secure the rock to your wall and one anti-rotation screw hole

Available in packs of five different shapes of the same colour.

Pack of Three Medium Holds $15.00
Yellow Blue

Climbing Wall Holds - Medium

Bouldering, rock climbing; it all starts here!

Complement your play equipment by adding a climbing wall. Your little athletes will have fun, while developing their upper body and leg strength.

Sold in packs of three different shapes of the same colour.

Note: The colour shades may vary within packs

Playground Climbing Wall Holds #top

Fun and challenging playground climbing equipment for children of all ages (including ‘big kids’) who love to climb, clamber, scramble and dangle!

Climbing Wall Holds Blue Climbing Wall Holds

All of our prices are current and include GST.

Add a challenge to your kids forts or playhouse or transform your retaining wall or fence…even a tree can be made climber friendly and much more fun!

26 mm diameter rope for a secure grip with five 106 mm diameter plastic holds/steps.

Length: 2060 mm

Playground Climbing Rope with Steps
Climbing Rope with Steps $38.00