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This plastic Wonder Wave Playground Slide is fast and fun! Most under 3 year olds will need to be closely supervised to start off, or they may prefer a slightly lower platform height initially, to reduce the speed of the slide until they are ready for full-thrill height!

Some of the more thrill-seeking, older Kids like steeper and faster slides! This can be achieved with the Wonder Wave by increasing the height to a maximum of 1.7 m.

They can also be installed level with play structure platforms with the railings at the same width as the sliding surface.     

The wonder wave slide is installed onto the top of a platform.

Kids Outdoor Playground Slide Kids Outdoor Playground Slide Kids Outdoor Playground Slide Kids plastic wave slide

For more information please view our

Playground Slide Installation Tips

Wonder Wave Slide Features:

Manufactured in USA from super-tough, UV stabilised moulded polyethylene.

Length = 2740 mm Outside Width = 560 mm Inside Width = 440 mm

Optimum platform height =1500 mm

Minimum platform height = 1350 mm (to ensure water drains away)

This Slide comes out from play structure platform 2350 mm when installed at 1500 mm high and level with platform (see photo below).

New Zealand's best value Outdoor Playground wave Slide!

Compare ours to the alternatives available and see the difference!

Wonder Wave Playground Slide


Colour choices: BLUE, GREEN & YELLOW

At this price, this is by far the best value residential playground slide you will find anywhere!

Outdoor Playground Slide Outdoor Playground wave Slide Kids Outdoor Playground Slide Wonder Wave Playground Slide childrens_playground_slide childrens_playground_slide

Incredibly strong, reinforced construction will take the high impact, rough and tumble play of any family!

Kids of all ages and sizes have endless hours of fast fun on this very sturdy and safe playground slide.

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car with playground slide on roof