Q: How high off the ground should my swing seats be installed?

A: Swing Seats should have a ground clearance of no less than 350 mm and a maximum of 550 mm when laden (weighed down). Tyre swings and all swings attached at a single point require a minimum ground clearance of 400 mm. Our kid’s forts and backyard playgrounds free plans page has information for swing accessories spacing and other DIY help.

Q: How accurate are your product descriptions and sizes etc?

A: We guarantee the description dimensions / measurements of our products are as accurate as possible.

Product photos: what you see here is what you get, or better than what you would expect! Please allow for a slight colour variation. Colours may appear slightly different due to image resolution, image compression, individual monitor settings, production run or batch variations.

Q: What's the waiting time on your playground equipment?

A: Unless otherwise stated alongside an individual item, all of our products are in stock and available now, for pick up or delivery.

Q: Do your products have a Warranty?

A: Our quality control is such that faulty goods are very rare. However, if any goods are deemed to be faulty, we will repair or replace any faulty goods – otherwise a full refund of the purchase price will be issued. (Children should never have access to playground equipment if it is considered to be damaged or faulty.)

All of our Playground Equipment has at least a one year Warranty, this covers the product when used for it’s intended purpose, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. as well as being covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Q: Do the colours fade on the plastic products?

A: All plastic playground products we sell are U.V. stabilized to extend their life. However, some fading is to be expected when exposed for extended periods to New Zealand's harsh sunlight, particularly with Red, so we do not sell many red plastic products, as they tend to fade the most noticeably.

Q: Who has to comply with NZ Playground Safety Standards?

A: Playground Safety Standards applies by legislation to all licensed Early Childhood Education Centres. The Ministry of Education have volunteered to adopt NZ Playground Safety Standards for all schools. Other than the Education Sector; NZS 5828:2004, Playground Safety Standards are only voluntary NOT mandatory.

NZ Playground Safety Standards NZS 5828:2004, are an adoption of of the British Standards EN 1176 they are very technical, and targeted towards manufacturers and designers of commercial playgrounds. Though these Standards are only voluntary NOT mandatory, they are approved guidelines and their observance is accepted as good practice. If you provide a playground for public use it is your responsibility to take all practicable steps to ensure it does not have any hazards that could injure those using it. We have compiled some useful Playground Safety Tips to make backyard playgrounds a fun and safe place for kids to play. For residential backyard playgrounds practicality and common sense applies!

Q: Will my playground accessories require any maintenance?

A: Yes! For residential playground equipment, we recommend regular inspection to make sure there is no damage, deterioration or loose connections or fasteners.

Q: What's the best ground cover to use below my playground equipment?

A: In a residential situation, many people prefer to place the play structure on their lawn. Bark / wood chips or similar is also a good option. Rubber mats at the foot of slides work well.

Q: What is the weight and age limit on your Swing Seats?

A: Plastic swing seats are designed to hold one child under 60kg and up to 13 years of age, use outside of these conditions could compromise strength and safety. Commercial swing seats have no such weight restrictions as long as they are fitted securely to an appropriate swing beam.

Q: What Age group are Swing Seats suitable for?

A: For recommended appropriate age usage, see chart below.


Manufacturers Swing Seat Age Group Recommendations: With adult supervision.

This does not take into account individual abilities.

9 to 36 months

2 - 4 years

4 - 12 years

Adults and bigger children

Full Bucket Swing Seats

Half Bucket Swing Seats

Strap Swing Seats

Regular & Mega Flat Seats

3-in-1 Swing Seat

3-in-1 Swing Seat

Regular Flat Swing Seat

XL Flexi Belt Swing Seat

Glider Rider 3 - 7 years

Commercial Strap Seats

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