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Advantages of anchoring the foot of your Playground Slide: To prevent strain against the screws at the top of the slide, which can cause them to loosen and snag on clothes, cause damage to the slide, or snap off

How to anchor the foot of your Playground Slide:

Method One:

1. Hammer timber stakes into the ground.

2. Half bury a piece of timber (100 x 50 or 100 x 100 is recommended).

3. Screw the stakes to the piece of timber.

4. Screw the bottom of the Wave Slide to the piece of timber.

Method Two:

1. Hammer two stakes all the way into the ground.

2. Place a piece of timber on top of the stakes, so the top of it is flush with the ground's surface. (It may be easier if you dig a small hole the size of the piece of timber you are going to use)

3. Screw the timber to the stakes.

5. Screw a second piece of wood.into the foot of the slide

4. Place the slide onto the piece of timber that is in the ground.and screw together.

This method will support the slide securely and there will be no stakes sticking out of the ground if you want to be able to remove the slide completely so the space can be used for other activities periodically such as to mowing the lawn or letting the grass grow back during winter.

A Playground Slide’s platform height is the height difference between the top of the slide and the ground the foot of the slide sits on.

To calculate this:

1) place a straight length of wood or similar at the bottom of the platform.

2) Raise the wood until it is level.

3) Measure from the ground to the bottom of the wood where the foot of the slide is (or will be).

Left: The play structure shown has a platform that is 1450 mm high. *RED Arrow

The *green arrow shows a slope of 200 mm

The Wave Slide posing in the photo is installed at the height of 1650 mm.

Playground Slides Optimum Platform Height Fun Playground Wave Slide Kids Playground Slide Playground Slide

Playground Slides Optimum Platform Height

Plastic Wave Silde

To reduce the angle of The Wonder Wave Slide - timber is easily screwed to the foot of the slide.

The exit height of the slide with out being raised is 210 mm. Photos show the wonder wave slide raised by 100 mm.

Wave Silde with Foot Raised Screw Wonder Wave Slide to play structure

After screwing Wonder Wave Slide to play structure platform, you may wish to drill a small hole next to the screws to allow water to drain away.

Dare 2 Play Playground Slide Installation Tips

To install your playground slide onto your play structure simply place it onto its platform and screw it down.

Screws to use 4 or 5 mm x 75 mm stainless or galvanised with countersunk head.

The fun and super fun wave slides require two screws, the wonder wave slide. Require three screws,

It is NOT SAFE to use any playground slide that has not been secured at the top!

Kids Playground Slide Wonder Wave Slide Photo