Play is vital to children!

We’ve all heard this, but why is it so important?

Simply put, children learn through play.

Play allows them to use their creativity and imagination as well as physical strength.

It even effects the development of the brain.

From a very early age it is through play that Kids learn to engage and interact with their world around them.

It influences their ability to adapt, survive, thrive and shape their social and physical environments.

Play helps to keep children fit and active and leads to more physically active and healthier adults.

A lack of play has the ability to not only negatively impact children’s physical but also mental health.

With mental health issues on the rise along with obesity, it is important we not only let the children play, but actively encourage them to do so!

Children who play have to make decisions – which games to play, whether to play them, who to play with on what piece of equipment?

There is a strong link between decision making in children and increased confidence and self esteem.

Even a bit of rough and tumble play can have a significant positive impact

Children need and want to take risks when they play. An essential part of growing up is the need (and desire) to explore limits and try new experiences.

This is how we develop boundaries and coping strategies as adults.

Taking away all risks or ‘wrapping them in cotton wool’ will surely prevent our Kids from developing essential skills they’ll need in their adult life.

Providing children with good quality, suitable outdoor play equipment keeps Kids occupied and encourages them to spend their time more productively.

Through playing in the natural environment children may also develop a keener awareness and better appreciation of the natural world.

Are Swings so Important for Our Kids?

Swinging is not only beneficial for physical but also social, and cognitive development.

Simply playing on a swing set can have many benefits for children, including but not limited to:

Even with all these crucial benefits, some parents may be hesitant about providing swings for their children, because they fear the ‘dangers'; the possibility of their child being hurt in some way.

While swings are not 100% safe (what is?), they are not necessarily dangerous either - most injuries on swings result from using badly designed or inferior quality equipment, lack of maintenance or lack of adult supervision.

FACT: Swings are the single most used playground equipment of all! Anyone at any age - from babies to grandparents can enjoy a swing!

Well designed exciting play opportunities will help our Kids to develop into well-rounded, confident children and adults, who are able to interact well with their peers.

A balanced approach to safety, along with an acceptance that a degree of risk is necessary will ensure that the true benefits of play will be fully realized!

Playology 101