How High Should My Swing Beam Be?

The length of chain determines the interval of each to and fro swing action.

Swing beams under 2 metres high have a very short time frame to complete this to and fro action.

Swing beams that are too high will have a longer time frame between the start and end of the swing arc and will require more vigorous swing action to prevent the slowing down that will occur due to the longer distance to travel.

We find swing beams of between 2.2 m - 3 m will provide the optimum swing arc that can be enjoyed for much longer, by the whole family. Since these swing sets will get a lot of use, it is worth while to choose a quality chain with a comfortable grip.

What's Best : Rope or Chain?

For the full bucket and half bucket seats the choice of rope or chain is down to personal preference, because the child is not using their own body, but rather parent power to move the swing. Most times they do not even hold on! If they do, they do not need to grip in such a way as to create momentum, but rather to feel secure.

As a child grows and moves into the flat or strap type swing seat, developing a good swinging technique is generally easier with chains. This is because the user is not merely holding on to the chain, rather they must grip and pull on the chain very hard as they manipulate their bodyweight in order to accelerate the swing.

Although this sounds counterintuitive, rope is actually a lot less pleasant on the hands than chain is when it is being gripped and worked in this manner and can be slippery when wet.

Which Chain?

If your chain is required for an Early Learning or Childcare centre, we can supply our Public Use Chain, designed specifically for this age group to minimise any finger entrapment hazard. Due to its size, profile and quality finish, this chain also has a very smooth, comfortable grip.

In fact, all of the chain products we supply have been specifically manufactured for playground use. It comes down to personal preference. Some like the feel of the plain galvanised chain, while others prefer the smooth feel and colours of the powder coated chain We even have stainless steel chain for uncompromising strength and good looks…the choice is yours!

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