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Maintenance and Safe Use

As good as our products are, they will not last forever. It is your responsibility to have your playground equipment or flying fox installed, inspected and maintained on a regular basis, by a competent person and to ensure nobody has access to equipment that is not safe or maintained or monitored.

We do not and can not guarantee safe use! We are not responsible for any equipment failure or injuries that may occur, due to its installation or lack of regular inspection and on-going maintenance. If you are considering buying a flying fox or playground equipment , remember it is your responsibility to provide a well maintained and safe play environment.

About Us

We have been importing playground equipment and specialist hardware for more than twelve years. We source the best and most suitable products available overseas from several suppliers, as well as manufacturing, remanufacturing and assembling products to ensure a consistent level of quality

Our policy is to inform you about our products possible uses and suitability, and test for strength and compatibility and let you know their limitations.

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